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The resolution of the card printer

The printer resolution is also known as the output resolution. Refers to the maximum number of points per inch that can be printed in both horizontal and vertical directions when printing out, usually expressed as "dot/inch" or dpi (dot per inch).The so-called highest resolution refers to the printer can print the maximum resolution, that is, the limit resolution of the printout. Usually said printer resolution refers to the printer's maximum resolution.

The printing resolution is an important index to measure the printing quality of the printer. It determines how fine the printer can display when printing images, and its level has an important impact on the output quality. Therefore, to a certain extent, the printing resolution also determines the output quality of the printer. The higher the resolution, the more pixels it reflects, the more information it can display and the better and clearer the image.

The printing resolution generally includes both vertical and horizontal directions, and its specific value size determines the printing effect. The resolution is not only related to the size of print format, but also affected by factors such as print dot distance and print size. The printing size is the same, the smaller the dot distance, the higher the resolution. Needless to say, the higher the resolution of the printer, the more sophisticated the output. However, not every printing requirement requires the highest accuracy. For text printing, 600dpi has achieved excellent line quality . However, in the modern office, the types of printed documents are increasingly diversified, and more and more images, photos, CAD, GIS and other contents require high-precision printing. At this time, in addition to the printing load and printing speed, users must carefully consider whether the printing quality of the printer can meet their needs.

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